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Municipal – Commercial – Residential

  • Management and maintenance of canalization networks

    We can evaluate with you, your needs, in order to elaborate a preventive maintenance plan, to insure a proper flow in your canalization system: drains, cleanouts, interceptors, sanitary and pluvial networks,… This way avoiding any bad surprises, that could generate an important lose of time and money.

  • Video camera inspections

    Camera inspections allows one to see in what state the conduits are in, before proceeding in any inefficient and costly interventions. It permits to identify, exactly what the source of the problem is, thus, enabling to initiate the proper solution. Camera inspections, also allows the verification and working efficiency of conduits, after work has been completed. A video copy with a written report can be obtained.

  • Conduit detection

    Conduit detection allows locating with precision, the exact place of any pipe, line or conduit inside or outside a building. The advantage of using this technology is to avoid excavating in the wrong area and cause unnecessary damage which in turn could be very costly. This way detection of conduits allows the work to be executed in an efficient manner.

  • French drain cleaning, Ferrous Ocher

    It is essential to maintain your French drain in a proper working order, to avoid important structural damage to a building. For example, water infiltration through the foundation, can cause important cracks to your building. It is recommended to regularly maintain your drain to avoid obstructions. For this reason, we offer a personalized service of cleaning and inspecting your French drains.

  • Unclogging

    You can count on our professional team, specialized in unclogging and resolving all sorts of problems due to all kinds of obstructions, big or small:
    Main Drains
    Roof Drains
    Drain Pits
    Floor Drains

  • Root removal

    Roots are a frequent cause of obstruction in conduits. They prevent the efficient flow of water and increase the accumulation of deposits, and thus completely blocking your drainage network. For this reason, we offer a removal service of roots to maintain the proper function of your conduits.

  • Equipments

    • SeaSnake mini video camera by “Ridgid”
    • Auto propelled camera with rotary head form “Cues”
    • Different tractors for conduits of 150mm to 1800mm (6” to 72”)
    • As well as for ovoid conduits
    • Reports performed with CT-SPEC software that meets CERIU/NASSCO – PACP – MACP standards
    • Combined truck units for cleaning sewer lines upon regquest

Our expertise

One mission, one vision!

Chrystal Drain Inc. is a company specialized in the field of video camera inspection and cleaning of sewer lines, in both the municipal and commercial sector. Our equipment is at the cutting edge of technology and all our staff are certified CERIU, NASSCO / PACP / MACP. We are able to provide certified reports as requested by the Guide to develop an action plan for the renewal of water mains, sewers and roadways by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

Chrystal Drain Inc. provides inspection reports that allow municipalities to know the status of their networks. The reports provided, allow you to schedule repairs or replacement, thus limiting any emergency interventions and costs associated to it. All reports are made with the use of software developed by CT-SPEC.

Chrystal Drain Inc also works with companies specializing in cleaning sewer pipes. Through its partnerships, Chrystal Drain Inc. is able to provide the cleaning service of new and existing sewer lines.

Chrystal Drain Inc is a professional company that can offer you personalized, fast quality services, and, at competitive prices.

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